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Statistics: QR: Elements of Statistics

STAT 111 OL1 (CRN: 61777)

3 Credit Hours

About STAT 111 OL1

Basic statistical concepts, methods, and applications, including correlation, regression, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. Prerequisites: Two years of high school algebra; Sophomore standing.


Dates: July 1 - August 9, 2019

Section Description

Stat111 is an introductory statistics course. This course introduces the key ideas of statistical inference using simulation based methods which are more intuitive to students who are new to statistics. The primary goals of this course are to develop: 1. Solid conceptual understanding of the key concepts of statistical inference: estimation with confidence intervals and testing for statistical significance. 2. The ability to do straightforward data analysis, using modern resampling methods. 3. Understanding of the importance of data collection and awareness of how different methods of data collection determine the type of conclusions that can be drawn from a study. 4. The ability to interpret statistical results effectively and in context.

Section Expectation

This course is intended for undergraduate students who have completed a high school algebra course, but have not previously studied statistics. The textbook for this course is Statistics: Unlocking the Power of Data, first edition, by Lock, Lock, Lock, Lock and Lock, 2nd edition. Students will need access to the WileyPLUS online learning portal which includes an online version of the complete textbook. Purchase of a hard copy of the textbook is not required. Further information about options for purchasing WileyPLUS access and/or textbooks will be sent prior to the start of the course. For students trying to budget, the least expensive option will be to purchase WileyPLUS access directly through the publisher’s website at a cost of approximately $95.


Grades will be based on: • Reading (10%) • WileyPlus Homework Quizzes (15%) • WileyPlus Tests (4 at 15% each) • Journal (15%)




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