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Literacy: Lit Assmt:Understand Indiv Dif

EDLT 375 OL1 (CRN: 61772)

3 Credit Hours

About EDLT 375 OL1

Designing and using assessment strategies to improve and adapt instruction. Identify, evaluate, and document literacy development, emphasizing students at risk of reading failure. Prerequisite: EDLT 222 or Instructor permission.


Dates: May 20 - August 9, 2019

Section Description

The purpose of this course is to prepare literacy professionals to identify, evaluate, and document literacy development in K-12 students. Students who participate in this course should be able to design and use a variety of assessment strategies to improve and adapt instruction, using a strengths-based approach to understanding students’ learning needs. Course participants should also have a solid understanding of theoretical ideas related to literacy development and assessment, enabling them to make critical, informed evaluations of assessment methods and materials.

Section Expectation

This course takes place entirely online, through a series of weekly, self-paced modules. Each week, students will complete assigned readings, explore online resources, and participate in online discussions and other activities. Across the summer term, students will also work toward completion of longer-term assignments and projects. There is one required textbook for this course; other reading is done from supplementary journal articles and other online resources.


Grades are based on online participation, completion of online modules, and several larger projects, including a critical analysis of a literacy assessment and the development of a comprehensive literacy assessment plan that could be used in an elementary school setting.




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