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Cmty Dev & Apld Econ: Consumer,Markets&Public Policy

CDAE 127 OL1 (CRN: 61733)

3 Credit Hours

About CDAE 127 OL1

Analysis of consumer choices through the examination of consumer behavior theories, current marketplace issues and public policy. Prerequisite: One of the following: CDAE 024, CDAE 015, ENGS 001, ENGS 050, or permission.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019

Section Description

This course provides a critical analysis of consumer choices from psycho-social, cultural, marketing and legal perspectives, with an emphasis on American consumers. Applications of consumer behavior theories will be emphasized.

Section Expectation

At the end of this semester, you as a consumer will learn how to • evaluate the public policy implications of ethically problematic (or deviant) consumption and market practices, • act ethically and responsibly in today’s marketplace.


Online Quizzes 40% Discussion Board Posts 30% Final Exam 30% TOTAL 100%




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