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Art Studio: Painting and the Public Domain

ARTS 195 Z2 (CRN: 61548)

3 Credit Hours

About ARTS 195 Z2

Intermediate course or seminars on topics beyond the scope of existing departmental offerings. See Schedule of Courses for specific titles.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019; Lab Fee: $200; Prereq: ARTS 001 or you may contact the instructor for permission at This is a 3 credit studio art class which requires more contact hours than a conventional course.

Section Description

Looking at a variety of painting that grapples with contemporary life, collective identity and shared experience, students will also create paintings that utilize imagery well-known in public culture, and depict, respond, transform, address, or challenge popular imagery, public events, and/or shared perceptions or realities. Student 'dialogue' with non-art imagery may range in content from grave subjects, to more innocuous images, to lighthearted kitsch; but in each work, there must be a compelling reason for using the image. Consideration of the politics of representation involving class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship, and religion will be covered in readings and discussions.

Section Expectation

Students will be expected to aim to create cogent, well-crafted, visually intelligent compositions that engage viewers. In addition to studio work, students are expected to learn about related disciplinary content via reading and lectures; then relate to their studio work and be able to discuss in class. Each student will create eight paintings in this 4-week session.


Evaluation is comprised of three parts: Weekly project growth (20% weekly/80% of grade), Participation (10%) and Perseverance (10%). Projects are evaluated on based on clarity of intention, imagination, experimentation, critical analysis, diligence and development, and resolution.




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