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Political Science: Intro to Political Theory

POLS 041 OL1 (CRN: 61512)

3 Credit Hours

About POLS 041 OL1

Examination of basic problems in political philosophy, e.g. morality and law; punishment; freedom; equality; obligation and disobedience.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019

Section Description

This 4 week course focuses upon some central philosophical questions about politics. What are the limits of legitimate state authority? What are the limits of individual conscience and freedom? What is the purpose of politics? What is the best political method for dealing with deep religious and moral conflicts among citizens? These questions are addressed through reading a few classical and contemporary authors - Plato (Apology of Socrates) J.S. Mill (On Liberty), Max Weber (Politics as a Vocation) and Hannah Arendt (Freedom and Politics) are representative examples.

Section Expectation

With only four weeks for the course, you need to be committed to reading course assignments every day and participating in discussion of the material through Blackboard discussion boards.


Your grade is a function of two primary components - (a) regular participation in responding to discussion questions posed about the material and (b) two essays (one after two weeks, the second after four weeks) of about 4-5 pages each responding to issues raised in the course readings.




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