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Sociology: SU: Introduction to Sociology

SOC 001 OL1 (CRN: 61335)

3 Credit Hours

About SOC 001 OL1

Fundamental principles and problems in the sociological analysis of the structure and dynamics of modern society.


Dates: July 15 - August 9, 2019

Section Description

This course is designed to provide you with an introduction to the academic discipline of sociology. Upon completion of the course, you should have a familiarity with: a) the major subfields of sociology; b) the principal methods of data gathering and analysis used in sociological research; and c) some of the most important contributions made by sociologists to social theory. An effort will be made to keep the topics covered relevant to contemporary social issues and our day-to-day lives as members of United States society. In addition, and consistent with the requirements for an SU credit through this course, we will be paying special attention to the intersection of human societies with the environment and natural resources upon which we are all our dependent for our survival.


There will be two exams, 5 discussion assignments, and 5 quizzes. Exams will be in a multiple-choice format. Make-ups will be given only under the most extraordinary circumstances, will require advance notice on the part of the student, and will be in written essay format, only. Discussion assignments should be completed within 48 hours of their assignment in the class schedule. Quizzes (4 multiple-choice questions) should be completed by the end of the day (midnight) that they are assigned. First Exam 40 points Second Exam 40 points 5 Quizzes (4 points each) 20 points 5 Discussions (4 points each) 20 Points TOTAL 120 points A+ 99-100%; A 93-98%; A- 90-92%; B+ 88-89%; B 83-87%; B- 80-82%; C+ 78-79%; C 73-77%; C- 70-72%; D 60-69%; F <60% Special Needs If you are a student with special needs with regard to test-taking or note-taking, for example, in collaboration with ACCESS and other services on campus, I will be happy to accommodate you. It is your responsibility, however, to let me know about your situation at the beginning of the semester so arrangements can be made. Required Reading Sociology Matters, Richard Schaefer, 2013, 6th edition, paperback, ISBN-10: 0078026954 Used are available online, and will also be available at the UVM Bookstore. Additional readings will accessible on Blackboard.




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