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Biochemistry: Medical Biochemistry

BIOC 295 Z1 (CRN: 61279)

3 Credit Hours

About BIOC 295 Z1

Medical Biochemistry (BIOC 295) will provide a broad introduction to the field of biochemistry. Students will explore the molecular basis and chemical principles pertinent to living systems (eukaryotes & prokaryotes) by studying the structures and functions of the four major molecules of life (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids) and examining their biosynthetic pathways. Students will learn the fundamental biological processes including energetics, metabolism, protein structure and enzyme function. The transmission of information within and between cells will be studied including signal transduction and the genetic processes of replication, transcription, and translation. Students will also learn the biochemical roles of vitamins, enzyme cofactors, hormones, drugs, antibiotics, and toxins. This course is taught by medical school faculty and emphasizes the relevance of biochemistry to health, disease, physiology and medicine. This course is designed to provide a broad survey of biochemistry in one semester for students with a wide range of backgrounds. Medical Biochemistry (BIOC 295) will provide excellent preparation for students considering careers in medicine, genetics, dentistry, pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, nutrition, public health, bioengineering, environmental studies, and other healthcare-related fields.


Dates: July 15 - August 9, 2019; Prereq: One semester of Organic Chemistry (CHEM 42 or 141) or equivalent and a year of biology (BIO 001/002 or 011/012) or equivalent (can be AP credit)




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