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Psychological Science: Abnormal Psychology

PSYS 170 OL1 (CRN: 61243)

3 Credit Hours

About PSYS 170 OL1

Describing and defining abnormal behavior; models of etiology; research evidence for biological and social models; methods of intervention and prevention. Prerequisite: PSYS 001.


Dates: May 20 - June 14, 2019

Section Description

PSYS 170: Abnormal Psychology is open to any undergraduate student who has taken the Intro to Psych course. The course first puts mental disease and its treatment within historical context, current research context, and the professional application of psychology to treat mental illness. Students will learn how to differentiate between different disorders, understand the possible etiologies that may underlie the various disorders, as well as the various approaches to treatment. Students will also increase their understanding of the stigma associated with mental disorders.

Section Expectation

Online courses are attractive because you can work at your own pace and they also give you flexibility if you have other things to do while taking the course (i.e., you can skip one day and catch up at a later time--in my course you can even get ahead). I give you some flexibility and some structure so that you make progress without excessive procrastination, and without "binge" studying episodes (which disrupt learning). I recommend students to do some work everyday—start by blocking 3 to 5 hours everyday from May 20 to June 15. You can adjust these time blocks up or down as needed, depending on how long it actually takes you to get the assignments done on time. The vast majority of my students work reasonably hard and earn an "A" or a "B".


Evaluation is divided into homework assignments (50%) and Chapter Quizzes (50%). There is no cumulative exam. You have full control over the assignments and students who are willing to put the time score 100% in their homework. Knowledge for each chapter is judged with a quiz that students may take up to three times (each of the three quizzes will have different questions). The highest quiz score is the one that counts towards the final grade.




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