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Music: D1: Blues and Related Traditns

MU 010 OL1 (CRN: 60619)

3 Credit Hours

About MU 010 OL1

Traces the development of blues from African origins to modern blues, its rural and urban social contexts, and relation to African-American history and culture.


Dates: June 17 - July 12, 2019

Section Description

MU 010 CRN 60619 D1: Blues & Related Traditions Course Description This course traces the history and development of blues from African origins through rural blues of Mississippi, the East Coast, and Texas, to electric blues of Chicago, the blues revival of the 1960's, and modern blues today. We will look closely at the music itself and the people who make it, as well as the rural and urban social contexts which have supported it. The continuing influence and interconnection of blues and rock-and-roll will also be examined, as well as its relation to African-American history and culture. MU 010 will begin with a brief discussion of those elements of music which apply to blues, so that we have appropriate terminology with which to discuss the music. We will then discuss and listen to some of the African roots of blues and its rural southern origins, and proceed to follow its migration to the urban centers of the North and West. We will pay particular attention to such important stylistic innovators as Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Robert Cray. By the end of this course you should have a greater understanding of the richness and diversity of blues, as well as its connection to rock-and-roll. You should also have a much richer understanding of African-American history and culture, and how this has affected the history and development of blues. Finally, you should have also increased your ability to listen closely and analytically to music in general, and perhaps have gained a new appreciation for previously unfamiliar styles of blues. Required Texts Palmer, Robert. Deep Blues. New York, N.Y. Penguin Books, 1981. Various Authors. Blues & Related Traditions CoursePak. All texts available from the UVM Bookstore Required Listening Audio and video clips posted online Learning Format We will use a combination of reading, directed listening, online audio and video clips and asychronous online discussion to cover the material in the course. As in any online course, you will be required to participate in online discussion by posting answers to discussion questions and responses to other students' answers according to a weekly schedule. There will also be weekly listening exercises/assignments posted for you to complete. Grading Your grade will be determined as follows: Discussion + Listening 50% Mid-term Exam 25% Final Exam 25% Attendance Attendance in an online course is determined by participation in the Discussion Board. If you don't participate in the discussion, you haven't attended. Anyone who does not participate in the discussion for one week will be asked to withdraw !!! Participation in the online discussion is a vital component of this course, and will account for at least 50% of your grade. All work must be turned in on time. Because of the shortened summer timeframe, no late midterm or final exams will be accepted!!!




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