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Biology: Human Biology Laboratory

BIOL 013 OL1 (CRN: 60278)

1 Credit Hour

About BIOL 013 OL1

For nonscience majors. Optional virtual laboratory available for BIOL 003. Selected biological concepts and topics relevant to humans, such as cancer, human genetics, environmental toxicants.


Dates: July 1 - August 9, 2019; Must also register for BIOL 003; This is an optional online lab to accompany BIOL 003; BIOL 003 alone fulfills the CAS "Science" distribution requirement; BIOL 003 in combination with BIOL 013 can be counted as a "Science with Lab."

Section Description

This is a optional companion course for Biol 003 (Human Biology) and covers many of the same topics. There are interactive video-based exercises covering life chemistry, Cells (structure, activities, division), aspects of physiology (Respiration, Digestion), Genetics (Mendelian, pedigrees, molecular) as well as aspects of evolution.

Section Expectation

The course is run through a BLACKBOARD web site maintained by the University of Vermont (access granted post registration at beginning of the summer). This site has general instructions for taking the course, the syllabus, a “Lab Manual” (exercise intros, worksheets), and the assessment quizzes and Reports. The actual exercises are run through the VIRTUAL BIOLOGY LABORATORY (VBL by Beneski and Waber) web site maintained by Cengage Publishing. A separate access code must be purchased to gain entry into this site.


After each of the online exercises is completed there will either be a “quiz” or a “Report” that must be submitted. Both of these assessments are built into the Blackboard site for the course. Here, the “Reports” are somewhat different from a standard “in person” lab report. They will more resemble a mini exam with objective and essay/discussion style questions/analysis. They are submitted online. Final grades are determined from the percent of the total points available that are actually “earned”.




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