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Public Health: Public Health & Health Policy

PH 301 OL1 (CRN: 60069)

3 Credit Hours

About PH 301 OL1

Course focuses on current public health issues, barriers to improving population health, and policy tensions between science, economics, education, politics, government, media, and public health.


Dates: June 17 - July 12, 2019; Open to graduate-level Public Health students; All other students require instructor permission; Must submit the request at Students will be notified if permission is granted; contact student Advisor, Vika Pleshakova at for any questions.

Section Description

In the United States, we spend vast resources on health care and lag behind other developed countries in measures of health. Students will examine current health issues and barriers to improving health, as well as identify credible sources of health information to understand health topics such as preventing obesity, global tobacco use, alcohol, environmental health topics, health care reform, and disparities in access to health care. Students will learn about the compelling need for creative and multidisciplinary solutions, and how stronger policies to improve the health of the public might be accomplished.

Section Expectation

PH 301 is taught as an ONLINE course in Blackboard. There are weekly Discussion forums on specific Public Health topics with a strong emphasis on finding and evaluating high quality published health information; Assigned readings, including articles, textbook chapters, and online resources; online seminars with guest speakers; group exercises focused on Public Health Policy development; total time approximately six hours per week as per University policy regarding work required for a three credit hour course.


Participation in the DISCUSSION Forum; several written assignments/reflections, a topical presentation and a Steering Committee Analysis and Evaluation Exercise.




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