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Biology: Human Biology

BIOL 003 OL1 (CRN: 60049)

3 Credit Hours

About BIOL 003 OL1

For nonscience majors. Selected biological topics relevant to humans, such as cancer, human genetics, environmental toxicants; biological concepts necessary for understanding these problems.


Dates: July 1 - August 9, 2019; No credit given to BIOL, ZOOL, or IBS majors or minors; BIOL 003 stand alone fulfills CAS "Science" distribution and in combination with BIOL 013 can be counted as a "Science with Lab."

Section Description

Biol 003 is related to standard introductory Biology courses, but with a Human focus. Concepts covered will include basic science, the physics and chemistry that supports life, cellular biology, several human physiological “systems”, the genetic basis of inheritance including that of disease states, cancer, and the defense against disease as well as evolutionary principles. Note: There is an optional online Lab course (BIOL 013) available as a companion to this “Lecture Course”

Section Expectation

The course will be presented strictly online. It will be run through a BLACKBOARD web site maintained by the University of Vermont (access granted once you register). The “Text” will be The BIOLOGY of Humans by Goodenough and McGuire 6th ed. (Pearson Pub) as an e-book along with its companion “Mastering Biology” web site. The Blackboard site will have the syllabus, instructions for “taking the course” (use the “START HERE” tab), a complete set of “lecture notes”, figures, “screencasts”, videos etc. There will also be an extensive set of learning tools, exercises, “homework” and other features used within the “Mastering” site.


The course will be divided into four sections each covering several related subtopics. Many of the subtopics will have a “homework” assessment to track your progress, and the section will end with an EXAM that is built into the Blackboard site. Each exam will only cover the material for the section that preceded it. There is not a “cumulative” exam. However, some concepts are pertinent to more than one section. There will be “controls” built into the exams to regulate how and when you may take them. Final grades will be determined from an “average” of the percentage of points gained (vs. those available) for the four sections of the course.




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