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Chemistry: General Chemistry 2

CHEM 032 Z1 (CRN: 60045)

4 Credit Hours

About CHEM 032 Z1

Second semester of a two-semester sequence. Topics include solutions, kinetics, equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, aqueous ionic equilibria, thermodynamics, electrochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. May not be taken for credit concurrently with, or following receipt of, credit for CHEM 036. Prerequisite: CHEM 031 or CHEM 035.


Dates: June 17 - July 12, 2019; Registration for lecture includes lab; Course is very intensive; consider taking CHEM 095 to improve math skills for this class; lab Fee $50 for supplies; registration for lecture includes lab; Prereqs: CHEM 031 or CHEM 035

Section Description

Students will learn key topics in Chem032 that include, but are not limited to, Chemical Reaction Kinetics, Chemical Equilibria, Acid-Base and Buffer Equilibria, Solubility Equilibria, Gibbs Free Energy and Thermochemistry, Electrochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry.

Section Expectation

The class is split into two parts, a lecture portion and a lab portion. The lecture section holds approximately 200 students and utilizes notability presentations, multimedia models and demonstrations for understanding of key conceptual and mathematical processes involving matter and its transformations. The lab sections holds approximately 22 students and allows the student to physically conduct experiments within the key topics presented in lecture. Small review sessions are also conducted during lab time to review important lecture concepts.


The lecture section of the course is evaluated with three mid-semester exams and one cumulative final exam. Each mid-semester exam counts for 175 points and the cumulative final counts for 225 points, for a total of 750 points. The student is allowed to replace their lowest mid-semester exam with their cumulative final exam grade only if their final exam grade is higher than their lowest mid-semester exam grade. The lab section of the course is evaluated with weekly attendance, pre-lab report, pre-lab, and full lab report for a total of 250 points. The grade in the class is the sum of both the lecture exam and lab points divided by 1000. Subsequent multiplication by 100 yields your percentage and resultant grade.




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