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Economics: Money and Banking

EC 120 OL1 (CRN: 60023)

3 Credit Hours

About EC 120 OL1

Commercial and central banking with special attention given to the Federal Reserve system, monetary theory, and policy. Prerequisites: EC 011, EC 012.


Dates: July 1 - August 9, 2019; Students must have access to a computer and a scanner; Prereq: EC 11 and EC 12

Section Description

Study of financial markets, with emphasis on the bond market, interest rates, and the role of commercial banks in the financial system. Special focus on financial crises, the regulation of the money supply, and the conduct of monetary policy by the central bank. The professor has prepared online lectures to complement textbook material.

Section Expectation

Course is divided into 6 modules, each lasting one week. At the conclusion of the learning module, students will complete written assignments to submitted for grading. Expectation is 10-12 hours of study per week to be prepared to complete writing assignments.


6 submitted assignments




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