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Astronomy: Astr Lab I:Measuring the Sky

ASTR 023 Z1 (CRN: 61847)

1 Credit Hour—Seats Available!

About ASTR 023 Z1

Measurements of the properties of the planets, stars, and galaxies using graphical analysis, computer simulations and photographs. Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment or credit in ASTR 005.


Dates:June 18 - July 13, 2018; Prereq: Concurrent enrollment or credit in ASTR 5 ROOM: Discovery 414S

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This laboratory course supplements the lecture material of Astronomy 05, with 7 projects. 6 of these will be done in the lab. 1 will involve your own outdoor observations.

Section Expectation

The In-lab projects include: Mon. June 18th - Orientation Wed. June 20th - Lenses and Telescopes Mon. June 25th - Stellar Coordinates and Star Charts Wed. June 27th - Mountains and Craters on the Moon Mon. July 2th - Retrograde Motion of the Planets Wed. July 4th – NO LAB - Holiday Mon. July 9th - Atomic Spectra and the Hubble Law Wed. July 11th - Star S2 and Our Galactic Black Hole There will also be an out-of-lab observation project that you will conduct during the term.


Each in-lab project counts 10%, and the outdoor observation project 40%.




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