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Biochemistry: Preparation for Biochemistry

BIOC 195 OL1 (CRN: 61144)

1 Credit Hour—Seats Available!

About BIOC 195 OL1

All biochemistry courses are integrative in nature, requiring material from a number of preparatory courses, and often from courses taken in the first year of college. This course will integrate and review key concepts from those courses that are necessary to understand the discipline of biochemistry. This course is taught in a hybrid format – for two of the four hours each week, you will be reviewing videos, presentations and solving problems. Each of these sessions will start with a skills check to assess your current level of understanding and focus your studies, and conclude with a second skills check to confirm your mastery of the topics. In the second two hours each week we will be answering questions and working problems together (in a room together and/or videocast to where you are). Topics that will be reviewed: General Chemistry · Acid/base – Henderson-Hasselbalch · Buffers · Water & pH · General thermodynamics (H, S, G, Keq, equilibrium) · Types of chemical bonds · Units (g, L, C, etc) and conversions · Density · Beer’s Law · Periodic trends Organic Chemistry · Functional groups (aldehyde, ketone, carboxyl, amino, sulfhydryl, methyl, ethyl, phenyl, etc.) · Resonance structures · Stereoisomers, enantiomers, R/S, L/D · Oxidation & Reduction · Electron pushing (nucleophiles & electrophiles) Biology · Central dogma · Mutation · Life · Evolution (homologs, paralogs, orthologs, etc) · Biological hierarchy · Eukaryote vs. Prokaryote · Cell terminology (cytosol, ribosomes, etc) · Cell membranes · Four classes of biomolecules · Genetic code, Amino acids · Techniques (i.e. gels, use of antibodies, etc)


Dates: July 16 - August 10, 2018; Prerequisites: Organic Chemistry, General Chemistry, and General Biology (Cell Biology best)




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