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Global and Regional Studies: Ecuador:Politics of Land

GRS 195 WW1 (CRN: 15605)

3 Credit Hours

About GRS 195 WW1

Ecuador, land of volcanoes and cloud forest, and a center of the Latin American independence movement, is a fascinating country steeped in incredible ecological and cultural diversity. This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn from the amazing social and ecological dynamism of Ecuador through volunteer work, community home-stays, and talks with political activists, students, campesino and indigenous organizations, and the rural agrarian people that are the backbone of Ecuadorian and global society. We will examine the modern indigenous resistance movement, the geopolitics of non-renewable resource extraction, agro-ecological models for sustainable economic development, sustainable agriculture, hydrology cycles, and the privatzation of water. We will also reforest with native tree species to offet our course??s carbon footprint and enjoy stunningly beautiful walks in, this, the most biodiverse nation in the world


Wintersession Travel Course Dates: 12/26/17-1/12/18; Travel Dates: 12/28/17-1/14/18; Location: Ecuador; Pre & Post work required; Program Fee: $1,648.00; Airfare is additional; Open to both CDE and Degree students; Instructor permission required; Cross listed with ENVS 195 WW1 & GEOG 195 WW1




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