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Animal Science: Intro to Biochemistry: Lab (Lab)

ASCI 187 A02 (CRN: 94369)

1 Credit Hour

For crosslists see: NFS 187 A02 PBIO 187 A02

About ASCI 187 A02

Introduction to techniques used to explore fundamental biochemistry concepts including enzyme kinetics, lipids, carbohydrate chemistry, and gene expression. Includes spectrophotometry, gel electrophoresis, and mass spectrometry. Pre-Co-requisites: PBIO 185, BIOC 201, or NFS 183. Cross-listed with: BIOC 187, NFS 187, PBIO 187.


Pre/Co-req: ASCI 185; Cross listed with PBIO 187 A02/NFS 187 A02; Instructor permission required; Open to degree and CDE students

Section Description

See PBIO 187 A01




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