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Biology: Undergraduate Research

BIOL 198 Z1 (CRN: 61918)

1 to 18 Credit Hours

About BIOL 198 Z1

Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the supervision of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Offered at department discretion. Pre/co-requisites: Junior/Senior standing; Department permission.


Dates: May 22 - August 11, 2017; Instructor permission required

Section Description

Students work closely with an experienced researcher who will aid in the identification and conduct of an original project. Each credit requires a minimum of 40 hours. However, students put in even more time. Often students do not have prior research experience and step into an ongoing project, but are working independently by the end of the semester. Students who are Biology/Biological Science/Zoology/A&S Environmental Sciences majors may work with either a Biology Department faculty member or a faculty member in another life science department. Students who are not majors within the Biology Department must work with a Biology Department faculty member. Students can enroll for multiple semesters.

Section Expectation

Proposal: An Enrollment Form and a one-page proposal are required upon enrolling. The proposal briefly states the goals of the ongoing research, the role of the student in the project, and lists about 10 skills the student will develop during the semester. Such skills may include data collection, management of date on computer spreadsheets, statistical analysis, laboratory techniques such as PCR and cloning, literature searches, and writing reports. Final Paper: Students will prepare a paper in standard journal format under the supervision of the research mentor. The length of the paper should reflect the time devoted to the project (number of credit hours).


The course instructor will assign the final grade based on the evaluation of the Faculty Research Sponsor, the final paper and the research presentation (if one is given). The course instructor may consult other members of the Biology Department. The grade will be based on the evaluation of the amount of work put into the project by the student and the creative thinking displayed.




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