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Statistics: QR:Basic Statistical Methods 1

STAT 141 OL3 (CRN: 61725)

3 Credit Hours

About STAT 141 OL3

Foundational course for students taking further quantitative courses. Exploratory data analysis, probability distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing. Introductory regression, experimentation, contingency tables, and nonparametrics. Computer software used.


Dates: May 22 - June 30, 2017

Section Description

The main goal of this course is for you to be statistically literate. The goal is not to memorize a lot of formulas and procedures, but to understand the thinking that goes into using data to understand the world, so that you can use statistical results, and basic statistical methods successfully in their field of study and in daily life.

Section Expectation

I. Who Should (and Shouldn’t) Take This Course? As you know, because this is an online class, you will need to be self-motivated. In order to be successful in this class you should be an independent learner, comfortable with your math ability, and not a procrastinator! If you are concerned about your ability to take a course like this online, better to be safe than sorry. Expect to spend about 10- 20 per week on this course. I. Course Structure The structure of this course is pretty simple. There are 5 content modules in the course that will cover about 23 chapters of the book. Each module is one week long with the week running Thursday to Wednesday (11:59 PM). Modules will typically be open several days in advance so as to allow folks to work ahead. (see Schedule at a Glance on the left) Generally, each module week, you will read a few chapters from the textbook, watch a few videos (optional...made by me or the publisher) to reinforce some of the harder concepts, and complete the online homework (MyStatLab) assignments for each chapter. All but one modules will also include a computer (JMP) Lab which you can complete with a partner if you would like. Halfway through the course, there will be a midterm exam. And at the end, there will be a final exam. Both exams will be taken online using ProctorU (or another approved testing center). You are responsible for all fees and arrangements to take the exam with ProctorU. III. Work Expectations Don’t procrastinate – This course works best if you spread the work out, so the ideas have a chance to sink in. Keep an eye on the schedule, because the deadlines can seem to come up quickly. Most chapters take longer than you think to read and work on the homework. Homework assignments will vary, but plan to spend an hour or two for each, after you've read the book and watched videos. Check the MyStatLab page frequently to see when new assignments are posted.


Grading: Your course grade will be determined as follows: MSL Homework 25 % (25% late penalty per day) JMP Labs 15 % (NO LATE accepted) Midterm (ch. 1-11) 30 % Final Exam (ch. 12-20,22, 24) 30 %




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