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Economics: Principles of Macroeconomics

EC 011 OL1 (CRN: 60033)

3 Credit Hours

About EC 011 OL1

Introduction to economic concepts, institutions, and analysis, particularly as related to the economy as a whole.


Dates: May 22 - June 30, 2017

Section Description

We cover the main areas of macroeconomics. Macroeconomics refers to the study of the "whole economy." We study the process of economic growth, and key measures of gross domestic product, unemployment and inflation. We also study the functioning of financial markets, and there relationship to the overall economy. We study the role of government in the economy - the Federal Reserve Bank and the conduct of monetary policy, the government budget process and the conduct of fiscal policy, and the regulatory environment.

Section Expectation

Students should expect to spend 10-20 hours per week on coursework.


There are homeworks, discussion board assignments, a midterm exam and a final exam.




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