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BioCore: Ecology and Evolution

BCOR 102 ZRA (CRN: 11984)

4 Credit Hours

About BCOR 102 ZRA

Ecosystem and community structure, population growth, species interactions and niche dynamics, population and chromosomal genetics, speciation in fossil records, ecology of animal behavior, applied ecology. Prerequisites: BIOL 001 and BIOL 002, or BCOR 011 and BCOR 012, or BCOR 021; MATH 019 or MATH 021.


Must register for a lab A01-A04. Prereqs enforced by the sysyem: BIOL 1/2 or BCOR 11/12 or BCOR 21;and MATH 019 or MATH 021; CDE students only even after level restrictions removed; Degree students register for BCOR 102 A.




Hills Agri Sci 122 (View Campus Map)


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