Successful College Prep through UVM’s Pre-College Courses.

Are you a motivated student interested in taking college-level courses in high school? The University of Vermont Pre-College Program helps high school students prepare for college life and course rigor.

Kate McAllister, a high school senior at Champlain Valley Union High School in Vermont, completed Intro to Psychological Science, among a number of other pre-college courses, and is excited for her upcoming academic prospects at UVM.

“I absolutely loved the course…it was not hard for me to participate, and my teacher created a very positive learning environment.”

She felt she was given the independence to prove her skills as an incoming freshman, but was also the support to succeed in her studies. “It was a really great confidence booster for me before I go into college.”

Kate found time to incorporate her pre-college courses into her busy high school and summer work schedule, earning college credit while also staying on track in high school.

Beginning her freshman year at UVM next semester as a psychology major, Kate credits her pre-college courses with preparing her for what’s to come. “This was a perfect opportunity to see if a big school was a good fit for me.” Kate also enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Voucher Program, which allows Vermont high school students to take up to two college courses with tuition fully reimbursed. Kate decided to enroll in more courses with her high school discount code to access classes at half price.

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