How to Design Public Health Research Surveys

Surveys are one of the cornerstones of public health research. Depending on whether questions are conducted by phone, mail, online, or in person, public health surveys can be cost-effective, convenient, and generate high response rates. However, survey efforts can also encounter problems if there is a lack of adequate planning and development of a specific […]

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UVM Is: Judy Kaplan Embraces an Exciting Chapter for School Libraries

School librarians aren’t here to answer questions. Their job is to guide students in the right direction. Librarians are no longer just replying to students about what to research or where to find information. Today, their role is more about helping students focus their questions and identify the right tools to uncover what they need. […]

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UVM Is: Martha Caswell Advocates for Agroecology

Countries around the world, from Senegal to Brazil and the Netherlands, are embracing agroecology to achieve a more sustainable food system and adapt to climate change. But one place where agroecology has yet to go mainstream is the United States. Martha Caswell, research and outreach coordinator for the UVM Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative (ALC), understands […]

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UVM Is: Learning Educational Technology with Lucie deLaBruere

Lucie deLaBruere’s philosophy is to never stop learning. A native of West Charleston, Vermont, deLaBruere was one of the first people in her family to go to college. She earned her bachelor’s degree in secondary education and went on to pursue a master of science in internet engineering. One of her many professional projects includes […]

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UVM Is: Chris Danforth Measures Data with a Moral Compass

Associate Professor Chris Danforth uses Twitter to occasionally share scientific research, post photos of his golden retriever, or upload videos of himself biking to work in the snow. But more than anything, he uses Twitter to learn about the public’s collective well-being. Danforth arrived at UVM in 2006 to join the Vermont Complex Systems Center, which crunches […]

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UVM Is: Jenny Wilkinson Shares the Powerful Connection Between Humans and Horses in Summer University Course

Updated March 27, 2019 “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” –John Lubbock/Winston Churchill If dogs are man’s best friend, then horses are man’s oldest friend. At UVM’s Summer University, students can gain a basic understanding of one of our most beloved domestic animals […]

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UVM Is: Ingrid Barcelo Bridges Academic Research with Grant Funding Expertise

Ingrid Barcelo, PhD, is a researcher at heart. The Girona, Spain, native, arrived at UVM shortly after earning her doctorate from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  On any given day, she can be found in her office at the Aiken Center, tracking more than 60 grants for faculty in the UVM Rubenstein School of Environment and […]

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UVM Is: How Wanda Heading-Grant is Making Progress Happen

For Wanda Heading-Grant, there’s nothing more important than building relationships. A UVM employee for 28 years, Heading-Grant is now vice president for Human Resources, Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at UVM. She’s also a UVM alumna. For the three decades she’s been at UVM as either a student or employee, Heading-Grant has seen the benefits of staying […]

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UVM Is: Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne Problem Solving with an Eye from the Sky

Helping communities make better decisions is the foundation of Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne’s work. As director of the University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Laboratory (SAL), O’Neil-Dunne and his team are involved with everything from conducting urban tree canopy assessments in major cities, to monitoring erosion along local rivers, to collecting aerial imagery to help small towns develop better infrastructure. “We’re a […]

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UVM Is: Supporting Students Is Holly Pedrini’s Greatest Joy on the Job

Working with students is the most rewarding part of Holly Pedrini’s job. Sharing the importance of a strong work ethic and positive attitude gives her a strong sense of purpose. Ever since joining UVM in 2007 as the office manager of event services for the Davis Center, Pedrini has taken many students under her wing. […]

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