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Certificate Student Helps the Texas Food System Find its Footing

(Photo: Farmers’ market in Dallas by John Tornow/Flickr) Texas and Vermont are two places where residents feel a tremendous amount of state pride and the roots of agriculture tend to run deep. But when it comes to local food systems, The Lone Star State and The Green Mountain State are very far apart. Texas produces […]

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Talking about the Right to Food and Why it Matters

By Smita Narula An estimated 49 million Americans live in “food insecure” households, meaning they cannot afford adequate food for themselves or their families. In other words nearly one in six individuals, in the richest country in the world, struggles to put food on the table. Hunger in the United States is not the result […]

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The Right to Food: Power, Policy, and Politics in the 21st Century

All people deserve access to adequate, nutritious food. The complicated and provocative question for the fourth annual UVM Food Systems Summit on June 16-17 is how to provide this basic human right. Globally and in Vermont, the stakes are profound. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, one in nine people worldwide are […]

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Research and Education Drive Vermont’s Farm & Food Economy

By Matt Sayre The purpose of education is to promote social progress. Research universities, such as the University of Vermont, were founded on the belief that teaching and research must be inseparable. Research at UVM helps create new knowledge with the potential to inform action, determine what progress really looks like, and identify the best […]

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