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10+ Reasons to Study Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico

Studying in Oaxaca gave Bianca Rizzio the opportunity to travel abroad in college. Thanks to the UVM Oaxaca Semester Abroad program, Rizzio was able to travel during the spring semester of her junior year and develop her global perspective. Now a UVM senior, Rizzio looks back at her time in Oaxaca as one of the […]

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Trekking Across the Classroom – Traveling to Nepal

By Lee Ann Cox It only happens once. For those with a passion for Nepal, nothing compares to that first encounter with the majesty and the madness, the peace and the pollution, absorbing a world that contains both the heavily populated city of Kathmandu and the hidden Kingdom of Mustang. As a former Peace Corps […]

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How to Earn College Credit When Studying Abroad

Study abroad offers incredible learning opportunities, but getting credit for your experience can be a challenge. Often, students wait until it’s too late to meet with an advisor, or they forget to think about how their credits will transfer toward their graduation requirements. College is a great time to travel and there are plenty of […]

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Oaxaca Study Abroad Program Demystifies the Stereotypes of Mexico

The first time Cynthia Belliveau visited Oaxaca in southern Mexico ten years ago, she was astounded to find a place so severely misunderstood by the United States. Much of U.S. policy and pop culture represents Mexico with ambivalence. On one hand, Mexico feeds Americans’ desires with its pristine beaches, comfort foods, spring break tourism and […]

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How Joining the Peace Corps Can Enrich and Change Your Life

When Sierra Poske shipped off to Azerbaijan for a two-year placement as a Peace Corps volunteer, she didn’t know what to expect.  As a college athlete and member of the women’s tennis team, she was prepared to work hard and see her goals through to the finish. But this time, the playing field would be […]

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Why You Don’t Have to Travel Far for a Meaningful Experience

By Alessandra Capossela Want to study abroad but feel unsure about whether you’re ready to pack your bags for Timbuktu? Speaking from experience, you don’t have to go far to have an important study abroad experience. North American Travel You may not think that Mexico and Canada count as study abroad locations, but distances can […]

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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling Abroad – 7 Tips

World travel lends incredible exposure to new ideas, diverse cultures, and beautiful places. But for the unprepared, an unexpected stomach bug can leave you feeling vulnerable. You probably know not to trust water quality and that you need to wash or peel your fruits and veggies, but that’s really just the basics. Visiting the travel […]

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14 Helpful Travel Apps for Adventurers

When you’re planning a road trip or a grand tour of a faraway land, there are many travel apps to help you make the most of your adventure.  With apps that provide planning advice, resources, or easy ways to connect with friends and family, you’ll be ready for wherever the road takes you. Here’s Our […]

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High School Students Travel Abroad and Prepare for College

UVM students Kayla Baczewski of Westford, Vt, and Alex Kruppof Shelburne, Vt., traveled to Dublin during their senior year of high school as part of UVM’s study abroad program. The University of Vermont’s Dublin study abroad program for high school juniors and seniors gives students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically, earn college credit, develop […]

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UVM Study Abroad Student Develops a Passion for Travel

We talked with Beth Kennett, winner of the 2014 UVM Travel Study Photo Contest, about her experience studying Alpaca Husbandry in Ecuador. Developing a Passion for Travel Q: First of all, congratulations! You received the most votes for the best student photo in the UVM Travel Study Photo Contest. So, tell us, why were you […]

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