UVM Helps Tom Pelisson Sharpen His Digital Marketing Prowess

Tom Pelisson wants to make his mark in the digital marketing industry. To accomplish that, he needs a comprehensive skill set. As the head of partnerships at Rejoiner, an email marketing SaaS company in Newport, Rhode Island, Pelisson could talk to clients all day about email click-through rates, email ROI, and conversions. But over the […]

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How to Effectively Build Your Network While Taking an Online Course

By Erik Harbison It is hard to ignore the rise of online courses. Students and young professionals are embracing this popular way to learn. You can now expand your knowledge base on any topic from the comfort of your home. One obvious benefit of this type of learning is that you’re able to prepare yourself […]

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UVM Drone Workshop to Highlight Safety, Planning & Data Collection

Unmanned aerial systems (UASs), commonly known as drones, made their debut in the military about a century ago. Only in the past few years have drones become more popular with increasing commercial interest. Researchers at UVM’s Spatial Analysis Laboratory are seeing a rising demand for drone instruction. “There’s so much interest as more and more […]

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Is an Online Course Right for You?

By Carolyn Siccama, Ed.D.   Are you a working professional looking to advance your career or change careers? If so, have you considered taking an online course to help you meet your professional goals? There are numerous benefits of taking online courses for working professionals who are trying to balance the demands of work, home […]

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SEO Digital Marketing Training Teaches Best Practices to Improve Ranking

Are you looking to rank your company’s website on page one of Google? While there’s no magic formula to search engine optimization success, there are fundamental practices to help maximize your website’s performance. Bill Rowland, director of SEO at Trinity Insight in Philadelphia, is teaching  UVM’s Advanced SEO course. The four-week, SEO digital marketing training […]

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UVM Is: Learning Educational Technology with Lucie deLaBruere

Lucie deLaBruere’s philosophy is to never stop learning. A native of West Charleston, Vermont, deLaBruere was one of the first people in her family to go to college. She earned her bachelor’s degree in secondary education and went on to pursue a master of science in internet engineering. One of her many professional projects includes […]

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How Web Analytics Can Help You Understand Your Customers

Bounce rates. Page views. Acquisition. New vs. returning visitors. When it comes to web analytics, which metrics are the most important? When used collectively and strategically, all of them matter, say experts Krista Park and Ryan Andricks, who will separately teach UVM’s online Web Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making course. “It’s about understanding analytics as […]

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UVM Drone Training Gives High School Students an Opportunity to Soar

Jaron Cummings first became curious about drones when he was in elementary school. In fifth grade, he was given his first toy drone, and his interest only flourished from there. These days, the Essex High School junior owns a professional drone he uses for taking photos and videos. Last summer, Cummings enrolled in the Natural Resources: […]

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UVM Is: Chris Danforth Measures Data with a Moral Compass

Associate Professor Chris Danforth uses Twitter to occasionally share scientific research, post photos of his golden retriever, or upload videos of himself biking to work in the snow. But more than anything, he uses Twitter to learn about the public’s collective well-being. Danforth arrived at UVM in 2006 to join the Vermont Complex Systems Center, which crunches […]

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10 Tips for Success as an Online Student

Online education offers many benefits, including the flexibility to complete projects on your own time, while maintaining academic rigor and high expectations of students. However, it’s a myth that online classes are easier than traditional classroom-based classes. Online students need to prioritize and meet deadlines in order to thrive in an online learning environment. 10 […]

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