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When Queer = Diversity = Complicated

By Dot Brauer When I presented on issues facing LGBTQ college students at UVM’s Mental Health Matters conference this spring, I knew I had my work cut out for me. When the feedback was mixed, I wasn’t overly surprised. My job as director of UVM’s LGBTQA Center requires me to know a lot about this […]

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Transitioning to College through UVM’s Jump Start Program

Getting a preview of college life made all the difference for Amanda McDonald. Before starting her freshman year last fall, McDonald enrolled in UVM Jump Start, a dynamic summer program that provides UVM incoming first-year students the opportunity to meet faculty and students, experience UVM’s curriculum, and explore campus life. Jump Start is designed to […]

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Making the Most of Your Campus Visit

Visiting a college is the most effective way to learn about campus culture and student life. Want to make the most out of your college visits? Take the time to meet as many people as possible, and check out everything from the dorms to the dining halls. Here is our campus visit checklist: Explore the […]

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Where to get the Best UVM Food

Whether you’re new to campus or a seasoned senior, you’re bound to want be on the lookout for some comfort food on campus.  If you need a study break or you’re afraid that you’ll run out of points before the semester ends, these on campus eateries will provide you the best of food and service. […]

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How to Meet People in College

Meeting new people can seem daunting! On UVM campus, there are so many ways to get meet people while you expand your skills and knowledge. See what these organizations can do to get you connected make your experience at UVM more memorable: Sign up for a class in Pottery or Photography at the Living/Learning Center […]

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