Makerspaces: Youth Hostels for Creative Grown-Ups

By Erik Monsen, PhD UVM Associate Professor In preparing to write this piece, my wife asked me to explain makerspaces to her. Afterward, she pronounced that what I had described sounded very much like a youth hostel. In two important ways, I think she’s right. First, a youth hostel/makerspace is a place where young people […]

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Advocating for College and Career-Ready K-12 Systems

By Lynn Coale Director/Superintendent Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District A recent study conducted by the Vermont Department of Labor identified the 67 most promising jobs in the state. Most of these jobs will require education past the secondary level. The higher paying jobs and those with the most openings require a bachelor’s degree […]

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Sugaring, STEM and Community Connections

By Mark W. Olofson Early spring is sugaring season in Vermont. We produce the lion’s share of the domestic output of maple syrup, and we’re pretty proud of it. The process of tapping trees, collecting sap, and boiling it down has many connections to STEM education. The students and teachers of the Edge team at […]

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Maker Spaces Come to Vermont Libraries This Summer

Students in grades K-12 will have the opportunity to learn in maker spaces over summer vacation thanks to the development of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts + Math) programs at Vermont public libraries. Fourteen public libraries from Craftsbury to Charlotte to Castleton will offer summer maker workshops for K-12 students as part of the new […]

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