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Online Degree Completion Instructor Authors New Book on Vermont’s Migrant Farm Workers

By Jeffrey Wakefield Since the late 1990s, undocumented Mexican and Central American farm workers on Vermont’s dairy farms have been instrumental in helping bring milk, cheese, yogurt, and other food products to market. While the laborers play a vital role in feeding others, many face significant barriers in accessing food themselves, says a new book. […]

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From CCV to UVM, One Student’s Journey to a Degree in Anthropology

By Kate Whitney Richard Witting, 43, is a UVM graduate with a degree in Anthropology and owner/event planner/head chef of Firefly Catering, serving the Burlington area. He’s also a high school dropout. “I had failed high school straight across the board.” Witting laughed. “I wanted to skip classes and read my own books. I always loved […]

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Epidemiologist and Data Expert Vicki Hart Joins UVM Public Health Program

Vicki Hart believes in the power of data. In the field of public health and epidemiology, she believes that quality data can provide an accurate picture of the world and help shape important policy measures. “There are so many questions and so much misinformation out there about health and health policy, and the only way […]

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Veterans and Students: Two UVM Anthropology Majors Reflect on Their Military Experience and UVM’s New Online Degree Completion Program

By Kate Whitney For many students, the traditional pathway to a college degree directly following high school isn’t always possible—or even a consideration—but as options and plans evolve, more and more nontraditional students are finding their way into university classrooms, both on-campus and online. Josh Peckenpaugh and Merisah Trisciuzzi recently spoke with us about their journey to […]

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UVM’s Online Bachelor of Arts Degree: An Interview with Instructors Teresa Mares, Ph.D. and Scott Van Keuren, Ph.D.

By Kate Whitney This fall, the University of Vermont is unveiling its new Online Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program. The new online program will provide students who have left college before graduation (or those who have completed their associate degree) the opportunity to finish their bachelor degree. The learning will happen outside of the […]

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Providing Access to High-Quality Education and a Bachelor’s Degree: UVM Launches New Online Degree Completion Program

By Kate Whitney   The University of Vermont has long advocated for and provided opportunities to nontraditional students seeking to earn credentials and enhance their career prospects. Through Continuing and Distance Education (CDE), thousands of students have been able to access courses and programs designed for their growth and development, both personally and professionally. However, […]

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