Effective Virtual Learning: Tips for Time Management

When it comes to managing your schedule in college—is it possible to keep time on your side? The University of Vermont Continuing and Distance Education recently hosted three free, informational webinars on Effective Virtual Learning: Student Strategies and Resources to examine how students can make the most of their academic experience during the coronavirus pandemic. […]

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Career Opportunities Abound in Geographic Information Systems or GIS

Regarded as the founding event of the science of epidemiology, Dr. John Snow, investigating the causes of the 19th century cholera epidemic in Soho, London, began plotting and analyzing outbreaks using a street map. Cholera, which was previously believed to have originated from vapors from the cemetery was discovered to be occurring at significantly higher […]

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Helping Educators to Build Trauma-Informed Strategies for Children and Families

About half of the county’s children experience at least one traumatic event before the age of 17. These adverse childhood experiences—known as ACES—include experiencing or witnessing violence, living in poverty or having a parent incarcerated. More states are stepping up to implement trauma-informed education based on robust professional development standards, and some are even encouraging […]

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A California Chef Joins UVM Online Program to Learn the Science of Cannabis

California chef Fred Nesbitt joined the UVM Cannabis Science and Medicine Program to take his passion for cooking with cannabis to the next level. Two decades ago, he began his education and career in the cannabis industry while working at activist Dennis Peron’s CHAMP, the world’s first cannabis collective in San Francisco. In 2002, Fred […]

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An Olympic Skier Sets Her Sights on Public Health

Like most students, Ida Sargent finds going back to school a bit of a juggling act. But Ida is not your typical student. The U.S. Ski Team member is training for the 2018 Winter Olympics while pursuing a career in public health. A student in UVM’s online Public Health Graduate Certificate Program, Ida plans to […]

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