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Ian McHale Works Toward a Career in Public Health and Pediatrics

Ian McHale is happiest when he’s working face-to-face with pediatric patients. The UVM alumnus earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2017 and completed the UVM Accelerated Master of Public Health program the following year. He’s now a clinical research coordinator for the Office of Clinical Trials Research at the UVM Larner College of Medicine. […]

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Three Questions with UVM’s Larner College of Medicine Associate Dean for Public Health and Health Policy Dr. Jan Carney

The role of Jan Carney, M.D., M.P.H., was recently expanded to associate dean for public health and health policy and senior advisor to the dean at the Larner College of Medicine. Larner Medicine caught up with her for a quick chat about her past and current work in public health. Dr. Carney is currently the […]

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Interpreting EMS Data through the Lens of Public Health

When Chelsea Dubie responds to a 911 call or analyzes emergency services data, she applies the skills she learned in UVM’s Certificate of Graduate Study in Public Health. Dubie is an advanced emergency medical technician and assistant chief of the Georgia Volunteer Fire Department in northwestern Vermont, as well as the emergency medical services data […]

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5 of the Fastest-Growing Public Health Careers

Updated May 6, 2021 As the U.S. population ages, the healthcare industry is expected to grow by 15 percent and add 2.4 million new jobs by 2029, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). That’s good news for those exploring a rewarding career in public health. UVM offers an online Master of Public […]

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Jan Carney Weighs in on the Merits of Online Public Health Education

Professor Jan Carney, MD, MPH, Associate Dean for Public Health and Health Policy at the Robert Larner MD College of Medicine at UVM, talks about the power of online public health education in an interview with The California-based website, which covers health care employment, asked Dr. Carney about whether online Master of Public Health […]

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Public Health Student Weighs in on the Challenges of Wiping Out Malaria

As malaria claims hundreds of thousands of lives each year in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, there are fears that efforts to eradicate the disease are being undermined by funding shortfalls and fragile health care systems. While there has been progress to prevent the spread of malaria, the World Health Organization says more needs to […]

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UVM Alumna Creates the Right Solution with Chemistry and Public Health

Lyndelle LeBruin, a project manager at the Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry Research (LCBR) at the UVM College of Medicine, has spent most of her academic career studying chemistry. But when her interest in clinical trials research led to her job at LCBR, she decided to enroll in the UVM Master of Public Health Program to […]

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Gene Genie: Christine Dornbierer Guards a Grant’s Wishes in the Vermont Genetics Network

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Here’s a trivia-night question for you: What do little skates, stressed-out students’ workouts, and sunlit-surface waters all have in common? OK, don’t hold your breath for a big prize, because the answer’s tougher than you think. These are all part of research conducted by the Vermont Genetics Network—whose job is tougher […]

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Alumna Julie Desrochers on Gaining Perspective in Public Health

By Sarah Tuff Dunn “Blood is something we all have, but rarely consider,” says Julie Desrochers, the fall prevention program manager at the Vermont Department of Health, of her years working for the American Red Cross in Burlington. “I loved sharing my knowledge on the behavioral clues that make up what we consider instincts—for example, […]

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A Family Physician Shifts Her Focus to a Degree in Public Health

Obesity, substance abuse, and depression are chronic diseases Kathy Mariani, M.D., sees every day practicing medicine. Even in a state like Vermont – consistently ranked one of the healthiest places to live – Mariani finds plenty of work to do, especially when it comes to public health. Public health is no longer just about managing […]

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