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Celebrating 30 Years of Legal Issues in Higher Education at UVM

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, UVM’s Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference is planning an event unlike any other in its past—one that’s completely online—in a year that’s been punctuated by a number of complex issues and events, any one of which would—on its own—be enough to have college and university administrators nationwide struggling […]

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Restorative Justice and Title IX: An Interview with Legal Issues in Higher Education Speaker Megan Farrell

By Kate Whitney UVM’s 29th Annual Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference focuses on the diverse legal issues impacting all aspects of higher education and tackles a variety of issues including Restorative Justice and Title IX. On April 4, 2011, the education department’s Office of Civil Rights sent a document that would come to be […]

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Legal Issues in Higher Education Spotlight: Seth Gilbertson

By Kate Whitney Higher education is one of the most heavily regulated sectors in the United States, with a diverse and ever-changing roster of legal issues competing for attention. In spite of these challenges, Seth Gilbertson, Associate Counsel for the State University of New York’s Office of University Counsel, was thrilled when he was offered a […]

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Legal Issues: The Ripple Effect of Proposed Title IX Regulations

New Title IX regulations proposed by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are on the minds of higher education leaders, legal experts and victims’ advocates around the country. Under new regulations proposed last fall by DeVos, students accused of sexual misconduct would gain greater protections and colleges investigating complaints could face reduced liability. But critics of the […]

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Navigating the Complexities of Student Life and Higher Education Law

By Kate Whitney This year marks the 40thanniversary of the release of Barbara Lee and William Kaplin’s seminal work, The Law of Higher Education. The first edition, written in 1978, was 500 pages. The two-volume 6th edition, slated for release in April 2019, is a whopping 2,326 pages long. According to Lee, colleges and universities (particularly public […]

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Going the Distance to Protect Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

By Kate Whitney According to research funded by the Justice Department, only 3 to 18 percent of sexual assaults lead to a conviction. Challenges in proving a case may be due to a lack of evidence, an inability to identify the perpetrator, attempts to undermine the credibility of the alleged victim, trauma, and many other factors. According to RAINN (Rape, […]

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Empowering Students to End Hazing on Campus

By Kate Whitney Hazing, or the use of any action or situation intentionally created to humiliate, ridicule, harass, or risks emotional or physical harm (with or without consent) to members of a group or team, is illegal in 44 states—including Vermont. However, hazing continues to be a problematic issue on campuses nationwide, with four deaths linked to […]

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Legal Issues: Understanding Trauma and Fairness in Sexual Assault Cases

A fight or flight response. An inability to call out or fight back. Feelings of disassociation. Non-linear memories. These are all reactions a person might experience during a traumatic experience. For Jeff Nolan, understanding trauma and its potential lasting effects, while ensuring fairness to all parties, are crucial when investigating and adjudicating a sexual assault case. Nolan, […]

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Combatting Bias and Hate on Campus: An Interview with Dr. Denzil J. Suite

By Kate Whitney Every year, the University of Vermont gathers experts in higher education law, student affairs, and campus public safety to address the diverse challenges impacting all aspects of higher education for its Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference. Now in its 28th year, the conference will once again host a number of dynamic […]

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Legal Issues: Monitoring Social Media on Campus

Dr. Gary Margolis is the founder and CEO of Social Sentinel, Inc., a service that provides universities and colleges insights into safety and security concerns being shared publicly on social media. His professional career spans over 20 years in public safety and more than a decade in higher education serving as chief of police at the University of […]

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