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12 Characteristics of a Compassionate Leader

Rising business leaders can fill in the gaps of skills that they may not have learned in business school, to become compassionate leaders.

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How Hiring Fits Into Your Business Growth Strategy

As a company moves through natural stages of development, business growth strategies need to consider who they hire and why. Learn how to adjust your hiring strategies based on the stage of your business growth.

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Why Leadership and Professional Development Matters to Your Employees

Maintaining a healthy economy that can compete on the world stages means that every organization, no matter the size, has a vital role in professional development.

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10 Signs Your Employees are Not Working as a Team

Working as a team takes practice. Learn how your employees can work more effectively as they grow into an effective team.

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5 Leadership Styles for Effective Management

What kind of leader are you? Learn about five leadership styles that you can utilize to be prepared to situationally calibrate your approach, build trust and credibility with your team.

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A Clinician Strengthens Her Healthcare Management Skills

Christine Lombard is a leader by nature. As director of rehabilitation services and a physical therapist for Elderwood Burlington—a senior care facility—she is responsible for managing a team and helping patients get back on their feet. Lombard graduated from UVM in 2001 with a degree in physical therapy. As most of her background is in […]

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5 Steps to Utilize Your Leadership and Management Training

Most people don’t become good leaders overnight. They are active learners; testing and revising their approaches and seeking opportunities to hone in on their leadership and management skills. The ability to lead effectively is really a skill that needs to be nurtured throughout one’s career. Training courses like the University of Vermont’s Leadership and Management […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Leadership Skills

By Meredith King When it comes to leadership development, Merryn Rutledge, a former instructor in UVM’s Leadership and Management courses, has seen her share of leaders striving to motivate employees and make the best strategic decisions. The best leaders, Rutledge says, find a way to remain true to their core values and their organizations – […]

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Going Back to School Isn’t Just for Kids. Find a Course this Fall at UVM that Moves You Forward.

Fall isn’t just the time for kids to head back into the classroom, many grown-ups choose to restart their education by taking a class on-campus, online, in a seminar, or starting a graduate program. The reasons that people cite why they go back to school range from adding new skills to career advancement or even […]

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Health Care Management Classes Help Hospital Employee Refine Her Skills

-Health Care and Leadership Management Certificate student Kathleen Merrick Kathleen Merrick approaches patient care from a holistic point of view. As an ophthalmology patient service specialist at UVM Medical Center, Merrick is on the front lines of health care customer service as she spends her days guiding patients as they schedule appointments or register for […]

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