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Cynthia Belliveau Illuminates the Pedagogical Power of the Kitchen at John Dewey Conference

Cynthia Belliveau, Ed.D., is thinking more about philosopher and educator John Dewey in the present and future tense. When Belliveau is face-to-face with students in the UVM John Dewey Kitchen Institute, she talks them through the mechanics of slicing an onion or troubleshooting a recipe with limited ingredients. Her goal is to help her students—many […]

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John Dewey Kitchen Institute Creates the New Paradigm: Play in the Classroom for Greater Learning

Democracy in the Kitchen: John Dewey’s Education Through Cooking and Eating begins on July 6 and runs for four weeks virtually. Content is available on-demand when it best suits student schedules, with one live session the first week, as well as an opportunity to interact with classmates on a virtual discussion board.

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Chemistry Teacher Explores New Techniques in John Dewey Kitchen Institute

-Cynthia Belliveau, Ed.D., teaches students in the John Dewey UVM program. High school chemistry teacher Sam Bromley is bringing his passion for cooking to the classroom. Bromley teaches applied chemistry at Montpelier High School, where he infuses his culinary background with classroom chemistry projects, helping students experiment with the science of food reactions, flavor pairings, […]

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