Global Skills: Preparing Grads for Today’s Job Market

By Gregory Dunkling There is much media coverage highlighting the demands of today’s global economy, and the 21st century skills that college graduates need to succeed in today’s job market. Top economists and corporations around the world agree that one of the most threatening factors on world economies is a shortage of globally-competent workers. More […]

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Career Ready: Savvy Undergrads Gain Experience in Summer

Whether you’re looking for a job or a paid internship over the summer, the Burlington area offers a wide variety of opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain career skills and build a professional network. Flush with summer positions that don’t involve washing dishes or working retail, Burlington businesses and organizations offer opportunities for […]

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Business School Ramps Up Summer Internship Program Efforts

By Jon Reidel When senior business major Hailey Ronconi landed a summer internship at Fuse Marketing in Burlington, it not only set her up for some needed industry experience, but also offered the potential to yield information for her senior honors thesis: a marketing research report focused on women in snowboarding. For her thesis, Ronconi […]

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