Trekking in Nepal and Exploring Culture

Studying abroad was always an integral part of Madison Symes’ (’15) plan. Her grandfather had traveled to Nepal and spoke highly of his experience, so when the opportunity arose to earn UVM credit and spend a month trekking in the Himalayas, she jumped at the opportunity. “I wanted to experience something new,” says Symes, a […]

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Exploring New Horizons: Studying in Uganda

Liz Hoey will never forget playing with children in the Ugandan village of Kamuli, where she studied for three weeks last summer with the UVM Travel Study program. “The children loved having their photos taken and they would just laugh seeing themselves,” Hoey says. “Because many of the children do not have a mirror at […]

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New Orleans Jazz: Culture & History Come Alive Through Music

Ever since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005, Brennan Bugbee (Class of ’16) has been curious about visiting the city. Bugbee is a UVM environmental chemistry student with a history minor, and a loyal fan of the New Orleans Saints. When Bugbee learned that he could earn UVM credit to travel to New Orleans […]

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Students Learn Mindfulness Practices & Intercultural Communication Skills in Bali

Though the threads have begun to fray, Ying Lin still wears the bracelet that Balinese priests blessed during a traditional healing ceremony she took part in while in Indonesia on the UVM travel course over winter break last year. Led by UVM faculty, the travel course brings UVM students to Bali every winter to investigate […]

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Where to Go if You’re Spending a Weekend in London

By Sarah Reid For the past five years, I’ve worked as the Teaching Assistant on UVM’s London Stage program, a 3-credit two week summer course dedicated to see a wide array of the best theatre in the city! Last summer after the program ended, I met up with my cousin who had a long layover […]

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Lessons Learned While Traveling Through Europe

By Erinanna Smith It didn’t take long after my semester abroad to make me want to travel again. To say I have the travel bug would be the understatement of the century, however it took me 2.5 years to cross the ocean again. In those 2.5 years, I went to Canada a few times, traveled […]

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How to Avoid Jet Lag in 6 Simple Steps

Whether you’re planning a short distance trip or going around the world, time in an airplane can send your body clock out of whack. Many of the UVM Travel Study courses travel for a one-week or two-week period, taking students around the world. With a busy schedule of activities, field visits, and exotic adventures, it’s […]

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Voluntourism: Navigating Service Abroad

In the past two decades, a new kind of travel, voluntourism, has taken learning opportunities to the next level. With this service-based travel, travelers venture abroad to take part in service projects around the world. As with volunteering locally, engaging in community service requires a certain level of social awareness, which is only intensified when […]

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10+ Reasons to Study Abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico

Studying in Oaxaca gave Bianca Rizzio the opportunity to travel abroad in college. Thanks to the UVM Oaxaca Semester Abroad program, Rizzio was able to travel during the spring semester of her junior year and develop her global perspective. Now a UVM senior, Rizzio looks back at her time in Oaxaca as one of the […]

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Trekking Across the Classroom – Traveling to Nepal

By Lee Ann Cox It only happens once. For those with a passion for Nepal, nothing compares to that first encounter with the majesty and the madness, the peace and the pollution, absorbing a world that contains both the heavily populated city of Kathmandu and the hidden Kingdom of Mustang. As a former Peace Corps […]

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