In Cuba, Only Tourists Drink Mojitos

By Sarah L. Tichonuk He squatted, waiting tensely but patiently, and then seeing the right moment, he snuck the 9-inch blade under the armpit and into the heart, and withdrew it immediately. The pig reeled and squealed, but within 10 seconds, it was on the ground, the rope around its neck and snout went slack, […]

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UVM Is: Why Kim Howard Wants More Students to Study Abroad

Teaching in Japan was a life-changing experience for Kim Howard. After graduating from University of California, Berkeley, she lived in Japan for two years to teach, which sparked her passion for international education. These days, Howard is director of the Office of International Education at UVM. She is on a mission to encourage more students […]

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Students Learn to Embrace Civic Obligations in Oaxaca

(Photo: Eduardo Robles Pacheco/Flickr) By E. Claire Goodwin Melquiades “Kiado” Cruz sits with a modest smile, looking around the room at the faces of the newcomers in Oaxaca, a group of 14 students from the UVM’s semester abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico. Kiado comes from a small Zapoteco village, called Santa Cruz Yagavila, located in the […]

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An Inside Look at the OLLI Educational Travel Program to Turkey

By Cathi Cody-Hudson It’s hard to imagine that a little over a month ago, I was immersed in the culture of a foreign country as co-lead on our UVM OLLI Educational Travel Program to Turkey. What follows are short log entries I wrote as a way to remember the exotic sights, smells, tastes, and sounds […]

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OLLI Travel Adventure: Experiencing the Culture of Turkey

By Natalie Neuert The spice market in Istanbul was getting to me, and not in a good way. Too many charming vendors trying to lure me into their stalls to buy things I didn’t really want or need. It was a sensual overload: the smells of exotic spices, honey, nuts, fruits, the jostling crowds, the […]

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The Importance of Global Education in the UVM Community

By Cynthia Belliveau, Ed.D. Dean of UVM Continuing and Distance Education “The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there.” This passage from L. P. Hartley’s The Go-Between is what I’m thinking about as I listen to the young woman, Clara, talking in the next room to her “clients” via Skype. I’m teaching […]

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UVM Oaxaca Travel Program Sparks Alumna’s Interest in Immigration Law

Traveling to Oaxaca forced Amber Attalla to question her confidence in governmental policies and the media. It also changed her life. Attalla, who graduated from UVM in 2011 with a degree in psychology and participated in the Oaxaca Semester Abroad Program, is now a student at the University of Maine School of Law. In November, […]

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Gaining a New Perspective after Traveling to Nepal

By Victoria Zito The chance to hear politicians debate or discuss the environment is infrequent. It was rare to converse about the environment with my friends or peers in any daily context, other than small talk about the weather. My self-imposed goal was to deliberately find ways to be mindful about the environment, whether while […]

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The Importance of Outdoor Leadership: An Inside Look

Looking for adventure in the great outdoors? Let John Abbott be your go-to guide. A faculty member in the UVM Environmental Studies and the Parks, Recreation and Tourism programs, Abbott has traveled with UVM students to explore the backcountry in the Adirondack and White Mountains, and in Peru and Ecuador. For Abbott, who began his […]

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A Taste of Place: 6 Traditional Oaxacan Recipes

The Oaxaca region is rich in culture, diverse topography, and fertile agricultural land. Teotitlán del Valle is a small weaving village outside of Oaxaca City, world famous for its artisanal rugs and natural wool products. Its weavers are internationally recognized masters. Their carpets, or tapetes, are hand-loomed from naturally dyed wool using local materials and […]

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