How to Grow Your Own Beer Hops

Photo: Flickr By Lynn McIlwee Ever thought about growing hops in your backyard or at the brewery? Hops are pretty easy to grow and are a hearty plant that will return year after year if you tend to them properly. Tips on How to Grow Your Own Beer Hops When and Where to Buy […]

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To Label or Not to Label: The Debate on GMO Labeling Laws

By Darryl Benjamin As the debate rages on between those who want GMO food products to carry labels and those who don’t, a larger question looms quietly in the background: does access to information make a difference? An escalating number of lawsuits by the Grocery Manufacturers Association, Snack Food Association, International Dairy Foods Association, and […]

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Hard Cider Production on the Rise, But Challenges Remain

By Terry Bradshaw Hard cider production in the U.S. has increased an average of 73 percent annually since 2008. That’s a lot of apples, and Vermont fruit growers and cideries (businesses that make hard cider) are capitalizing on this market expansion. Sales of cider nationally topped 54 million gallons in 2014, which required 18 million […]

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Farmer Jack Lazor: The Real Deal

By Susie Walsh Daloz You know him for his delicious Butterworks yogurt. You might even know him as the man behind increased local grain products in Vermont — dry beans, oats, and the corn that makes the locally distilled Early Riser Corn Whiskey. But what you can’t tell just from eating his delicious food, is […]

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Food Hubs Gain Traction, Get Noticed

Food hubs are in demand and making headlines. Over the holidays, the Associated Press published, “Food Hubs Link Consumers with Nationally Farmed Food,” which ran in print and online across the country in outlets including The New York Times and Denver Post. The article mentions UVM’s new Food Hub Management Certificate Program — the nation’s […]

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UVM’s Farmer Training Program Promotes Careers in Agriculture

Julia Cosgrove thought she would become a research scientist after college. But her career plans changed after joining the UVM Farmer Training Program. Cosgrove, who earned a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology from the University of Rochester in 2011, landed a job after graduation as a research technician at the University of California, Berkeley. […]

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Finding Job Satisfaction Through a Career in Food Systems

By Joshua E. Brown Rachel Hong, 43, was a lawyer in a “small litigation boutique,” she says, in Seattle. In November of 2013, she quit her well-paying job, sold her house, bought an Airstream camper, packed up her two dogs — and drove to Vermont. Now, on a hot July afternoon, she wipes a piece […]

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Vermont Barn Restoration & History Preservation

By J. Gregory Gerdel and Vicky Tebbetts If Vermont barn walls could talk, they would speak of calves and foals; they would tell tales of hay, milking, the turn of the seasons, and generations of farmers working the land. They may also recount stories of weddings, parties, festivals, business events, performance and art spaces. As […]

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The Vermont GMO Food Labeling Law Helps Lead a Movement

By David Zuckerman On May 8, 2014, Governor Shumlin signed into law H.112, An Act Relating to the Labeling of Food Produced with Genetic Engineering. This is the first law in the United States to require foods that contain genetically engineered (GE) ingredients be labeled. It will also restrict the terms “natural,” “all natural,” and […]

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UVM Horse Farm Celebrates Vermont’s Favorite Equine

Scent can be such a powerful memory trigger. For me, the smell of hay instantly takes me back to childhood when I had a horse named Banjo. While recently visiting the main barn at the University of Vermont Morgan Horse Farm in Weybridge, a flood of memories came rushing back. I could see my 12-year-old […]

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