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A Geochemist Finds Her Element with Craft Beer

Penny Higgins is a vertebrate paleontologist and geochemist who loves to brew beer. Penny, who lives outside of Rochester, New York, hopes to eventually open a craft brewery with her husband. She recently enrolled in the UVM Business of Craft Beer Program to figure out how to make her dream career a reality. We talked […]

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How a Communications Professional Transformed Her Digital Marketing Skills

Charlotte Blend’s job is to ensure that the public knows exactly what services the Lund organization offers to the community. As the communications and foundations coordinator at Lund—a nonprofit organization that provides treatment, education, adoption, and family support services to approximately 4,400 Vermonters each year—understanding the digital marketing landscape is a must. In December, Blend […]

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New UVM Craft Beer Podcast Explores Industry Market Conditions

Hill Farmstead. Tree House Brewing Company. Allagash Brewing Company. The Alchemist. Highland Brewing Company. The list of craft breweries goes on and on. With the number of U.S. craft breweries exploding from just eight in 1980 to more than 4,300 in 2016, one has to ask, is this growth sustainable or have we entered a […]

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Craft Beer Sales: How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Selling Your Brand in a Saturated Craft Beer Market

By Tera Dacek What makes one craft beer or distributor better at sales than another? How do you get your brand to stand out in a sea of cans, bottles, or tap handles where everyone is trying to do the same thing? An interview in December with Dave Mevoli, regional market manager of Duvel Moortgat […]

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UVM Alum Sean Lawson Finds Sunshine and the Holy Grail of Craft Beer

Photo: Sean Lawson and his wife, Karen. By Tera Dacek The name “Lawson” may make you think of Lawson’s Finest Liquids, one of Vermont’s most sought-after breweries. But when owner Sean Lawson returned to Vermont after living out west, it was to work in environmental science and forestry, not open up a brewery. We talked […]

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Brewery

By Tera Dacek If you spend all of your time plugged in, you totally get digital marketing, right? Not necessarily. Looking at the landscape, thinking about your brand story and goals, as well as creating a plan often requires a bit of unplugging. We caught up with Drew Vetere, the media specialist at Long Trail […]

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Vermont’s Small and Humble Start in Craft Beer

By Tera Dacek Vermont not only ranks number one in the amount of breweries per capita, its amount of breweries also doubled from 2011 to 2014 from 20 to 40. With breweries such as the Alchemist, Hill Farmstead, and Lawson’s Finest Liquids bringing in beer tourism from across the country, Vermont is also home to […]

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Army Veteran Bill Vernold Looks to UVM Program to Advance His Career in Craft Beer

By Tera Dacek Bill Vernold served in the US Army and worked in the pharmaceutical industry before becoming a brewer at Brewery Ommegang in Cooperstown, New York. Prior to that, Vernold worked for Butternuts Beer and Ale, a small batch brewery in New York State. He is a student in the new UVM online Business […]

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8 B2B Digital Marketing Predictions for 2016

By Jed Singer Instructor, UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Program Every year, we take a look at how the landscape has evolved over the past 12 months in our end-of-year social marketing trends wrap-up. We also like to look forward and make some data-driven predictions on changes to the digital marketing space during the next 12 […]

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Careers in Beer: Zack Adams on Launching Fox Farm Brewery

Photo: Zack Adams, with son Vincent at WarPigs Brewpub in Copenhagen, Denmark By Tera Dacek Seeing the craft beer success of 2015 leaves many of us wondering, can the industry sustain more growth? According to the Brewers Association, the answer is yes. There are still many locations and populations in the United States that can […]

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