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Is Craft Beer Entering the Consolidation Era?

Within the craft beer industry, many breweries weigh the pros and cons of remaining independent or merging with larger corporations.

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Continuing Education on His Terms: Cannabis Brings Ricky Chagnon Back to School

A certificate in cannabis plant biology provides one student with a leg up as he transitions to a career in the cannabis industry.

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UpSkill Vermont Helps Professionals Return to School and Advance in Their Careers

Taking an online course at UVM through Upskill Vermont gave Rachel Cloutier confidence in her career change to digital marketing.

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How to Learn and Apply Digital Marketing Strategies in Just 8 Weeks

Digital marketers need to take education beyond the free, short online certificates if they want to advance in their careers.

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Why Not Complete the Whole Certificate? Alison Spasyk Goes All in on GIS at UVM.

Through UVM’s GIS Professional Certificate program, students get hands-on learning experience with ArcGIS, the industry-standard geographic analysis software.

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Cannabis Legal Expert Robert Hoban Brushes Up on Botany at UVM

Learn why cannabis legal expert and Forbes contributor Robert Hoban thinks UVM’s Cannabis Plant Biology Certificate course delivers.

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PACE End-of-Life Doula Programs Collaborate with Osher Center for Integrative Health and Welcome Frances Pope Hewitt 

UVM End-of-Life Doula program alumni, students, and instructors have enhanced benefits thanks to a new collaboration with the Osher Center for Integrative Health.

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UVM Cannabis Certificate Programs Shed Light on Psilocybin

As the field of psychedelic research expands with additional evidence-based research, UVM expands the cannabis online certificate courses to include mushrooms, including how psilocybin and psilocin affect the human body.

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When He Turned 50, Chris Kesler Became a Craft Brewer, and It’s His Most Successful Venture Yet

UVM Business of Craft Beer Certificate alumnus Chris Kesler explains how he launched a career in craft brewing and distilling in Vermont.

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UVM Medical Cannabis Certificate Helps a Michigan Dispensary Set the Bar High

Apothecare medical director, Dr. Lisa Profera chose UVM’s Cannabis Science and Medicine Certificate to help elevate her knowledge of evidence-based cannabis medicine.

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