Business of Craft Beer

Brewing Profits: Insights from Our Craft Beer Finance Expert

Meet our Craft Beer Finance and Accounting instructor, Audra Gaiziunas, M.B.A, a seasoned CFO and consultant, who shares strategic advice for brewers navigating a dynamic market landscape.

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Brewery Business Operations Course Helps an Accountant See the Bigger Picture 

Learning brewery business operations from the University of Vermont helped Wendy Fasciano better understand her role as an accountant at Bent Water Brewing.

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Is Craft Beer Entering the Consolidation Era?

Within the craft beer industry, many breweries weigh the pros and cons of remaining independent or merging with larger corporations.

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Ten Factors Impacting Craft Beer Sales in 2023

The craft brewing industry is experiencing growing pains as the industry tries to recover from the Coronavirus Pandemic. Craft beer industry excerpt and UVM instructor Jon Reynolds shares ten factors impacting craft beer sales in 2023.

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#FacultyFeature: Business of Craft Beer Facilitator David Kennedy

From a career in finance to craft brewing, how David Kennedy traded in Wall Street for taprooms and became UVM’s newest Business of Craft Beer course facilitator.

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Merchandising Innovations in Craft Brewery Brand Development and Storytelling

Learn how craft breweries are creating innovative merchandising video displays to share their brand story more effectively to consumers.

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Craft Beer Collaborations: Craft Beer and Sneakers

Craft brewing fans are lacing up sneakers that are inspired by some of their favorite craft beers.

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Craft Beer Collaborations: Craft Beer and Fashion

Craft brewers are dipping their toes into the fashion industry with some unique collaborations that go way beyond the standard beer logo t-shirt.

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#FacultyFeature: Business of Craft Beer Facilitator Michelle Forster

By Jon Reynolds Michelle Forster is the Executive Director of the Wyoming Brewers Guild and the facilitator in UVM’s Business of Craft Beer Professional Certificate Program. She brings a unique perspective to UVM’s craft beer program as she draws on experience and insights from the 25 active craft breweries in Wyoming.  We recently caught up with Michelle to […]

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Top 2022 Trends in the Craft Brewing Business – Part 1

Craft brewing business experts Mike Gerhart and Mike Kallenberger share their top trends for 2022 in craft brewing.

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