Business of Craft Beer

Building A Brewery Part 2: Branding for Success

There is no doubt that in order to succeed in the increasingly competitive craft beer industry, you need to make great beer. But what too many potential breweries fail to consider when planning their business, is how to best position their brand for success. In addition to making beer that customers want to drink, a […]

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Going Back to School Isn’t Just for Kids. Find a Course this Fall at UVM that Moves You Forward.

Fall isn’t just the time for kids to head back into the classroom, many grown-ups choose to restart their education by taking a class on-campus, online, in a seminar, or starting a graduate program. The reasons that people cite why they go back to school range from adding new skills to career advancement or even […]

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Industry Experts Weigh in on Brewery Professional Development Courses at UVM

Running a successful brewery involves everything from complying with regulatory requirements and protecting intellectual property to restaurant planning and maximizing taproom sales. UVM’s Beer School offers professional development online courses designed for staff who want to fine-tune their knowledge and skills at existing breweries. The Beer School launched earlier this year as a counterpart to […]

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10 Benefits of Career Coaching

By Amanda Wormann   Making the decision to dive into a career change is something to be proud of, so congratulations on taking the first step. At this point, you’ve likely spent hours fine-tuning your resume, updating your LinkedIn profile, and scouring the Internet for great job opportunities in exciting fields. This process can feel […]

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Building a Brewery Part 1: The Foundation for Success in Craft Beer

If knowledge is power, former Air Force pilot turned commercial pilot Mark McClain just might be superman. Since he set his sights in 2017 on starting his own brewery in Pittsburg, Kansas, he has been collecting every bit of information possible in order to create a successful brew pub. From technical training on brewing from […]

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The Risks and Rewards of Operating a Brewery Taproom

Customers not only expect good beer at a taproom. They also want to enjoy a good time. With so many craft beers to choose from, more breweries are opening taprooms to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. By selling IPAs, stouts or pilsners along with serving food or hosting events, breweries are hoping to reap the […]

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Top 5 Traits Breweries Look for in Craft Beer Industry Employees

Do you need to be an expert in craft beer to work in the industry? If you ask Celine Frueh, Human Resources Director at Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine, the answer is no. Rather than an expertise in brewing, Frueh says that the best way to break into the craft beer industry is to […]

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New Beer School Courses Created to Help Existing Breweries Succeed

Brewery operation requires knowledge of everything from regulatory requirements and intellectual property to financing and accounting. Three years after launching the online Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program, UVM is introducing a series of short courses to meet the growing demand for professional development opportunities for staff in existing breweries. UVM Continuing and Distance Education is […]

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Brewery Course Showcases the Value of Intellectual Property Protection in Craft Beer

Opening and operating a brewery requires all kinds of physical assets, including kegs, boilers fermentation tanks, refrigeration, and waste treatment systems. But the intellectual property of your brewery is the most valuable part of your business. It’s also the piece that must be the most closely protected. With more than 7,000 breweries in the United […]

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Is Your Brewery in Compliance with Local, State and Federal Laws?

Running a brewery involves much more than hops and barley. When starting, maintaining or expanding a brewery, there are complex legal and regulatory compliance measures to follow. Start-ups need to think about everything from federal trademark registration, establishing an EIN, zoning permits, and financing to state manufacturing licensing and applying for a brewer’s notice with the Alcohol […]

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