#FacultyFeature: Craft Beer Instructor Jon Reynolds Challenges Students to Differentiate Themselves and Take Risks

Jon Reynolds, an instructor in UVM’s Business of Craft Beer program, shares with students what he’s learned in over 40 years in the craft brewing industry.

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Top 2022 Trends in the Craft Brewing Business – Part 3

Could the craft brewing business make a comeback in 2022? UVM Business of Craft Beer experts and instructors weigh in on top trends for 2022.

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2nd Career Options That Pay Off

By Kate Whitney While the cost of higher education may act as a deterrent for many adults considering a return to school, a recent national survey found that 73% of U.S. adults age 23 to 55 without a bachelor’s degree cite increased earning potential as the main motivation for making the decision to go back. […]

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Top 2022 Trends in the Craft Brewing Business – Part 2

What will 2022 bring for craft brewers? UVM Business of Craft Brewing instructors and industry experts share their predictions on trends in 2022 for craft beer.

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5 Leadership Styles for Effective Management

What kind of leader are you? Learn about five leadership styles that you can utilize to be prepared to situationally calibrate your approach, build trust and credibility with your team.

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How to Become an Entry Level Actuary

When Liberty Mutual Group, one of the largest employers of actuaries in the United States, first visited the University of Vermont to recruit students, only four or five showed up. It was 2006 and at the time, many undergraduates hadn’t heard of actuaries – highly trained professionals who use statistical formulas to calculate risk for […]

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Carve Your Career Path: Upskill with UVM’s Data Analytics Certificate Program

Data Analytics is expected to grow by 25%. Learn how you can jump into this career path with UVM’s Data Analytics Certificate.

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#FacultyFeature: Business of Craft Beer Instructor Mike Gerhart on Current Trends and COVID-19 Recovery

UVM Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program Instructor and Expert Brewer Mike Gerhart Talks Pandemic Recovery for the Craft Brewing Industry.

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UVM Program Helps Digital Marketing Professional Succeed in Her New Job

Hannah Normandeau felt confident about her social media marketing skills. But when it came to paid search, analytics, and SEO, she wasn’t as comfortable. The Waterbury,  Vermont resident decided to enroll in the UVM Digital Marketing Fundamentals Professional Certificate, an online, eight-week, digital marketing certificate program that covers everything from SEO to web analytics to […]

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Brewery Certificate Helps Retired Veteran Consider a Career in Craft Beer

Reese Madsen’s first taste of high-quality craft beer was in Seattle in 1992. Redhook Brewery, a mainstay in the Pacific Northwest since the early 1980s, was a vendor at a local festival that Madsen visited one Sunday afternoon. After living in Brussels, Belgium, Madsen knew what good beer tasted like, favoring Belgian beers over the […]

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