How Web Analytics Can Help You Understand Your Customers

Bounce rates. Page views. Acquisition. New vs. returning visitors. When it comes to web analytics, which metrics are the most important? When used collectively and strategically, all of them matter, says web analytics expert Krista Park who teaches UVM’s Online Analytics Certificate. “It’s about understanding analytics as a whole,” says Park, Customer Experience Analytics Manager […]

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Strategies to Help Answer: Should I Stay or Should I Go When Considering a Career Change?

Are you feeling left out of the #greatresignation and wondering if you have missed your moment to change your job? Learn strategies to help answer if you should stay or go in your current role.

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12 Characteristics of a Compassionate Leader

Rising business leaders can fill in the gaps of skills that they may not have learned in business school, to become compassionate leaders.

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Craft Beer Collaborations: Exploring How Music, Fashion, Sports, and Craft Beer Collide

Craft beer collaborations have gone beyond teaming up with a cross town brewery or a partner outside the brewing industry. Take a look at some unique craft beer collaborations on the market today.

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3 Tips for Promoting Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Lead instructor for UVM’s Digital Marketing Fundamentals Certificate and LinkedIn pro, Erik Harbison shares tips to help you get noticed on LinkedIn.

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How Hiring Fits Into Your Business Growth Strategy

As a company moves through natural stages of development, business growth strategies need to consider who they hire and why. Learn how to adjust your hiring strategies based on the stage of your business growth.

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Why Leadership and Professional Development Matters to Your Employees

Maintaining a healthy economy that can compete on the world stages means that every organization, no matter the size, has a vital role in professional development.

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#FacultyFeature: Craft Beer Instructor Jon Reynolds Challenges Students to Differentiate Themselves and Take Risks

Jon Reynolds, an instructor in UVM’s Business of Craft Beer program, shares with students what he’s learned in over 40 years in the craft brewing industry.

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Top 2022 Trends in the Craft Brewing Business – Part 3

Could the craft brewing business make a comeback in 2022? UVM Business of Craft Beer experts and instructors weigh in on top trends for 2022.

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2nd Career Options That Pay Off

By Kate Whitney While the cost of higher education may act as a deterrent for many adults considering a return to school, a recent national survey found that 73% of U.S. adults age 23 to 55 without a bachelor’s degree cite increased earning potential as the main motivation for making the decision to go back. […]

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