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Alumni Advice: How UVM Prepared Miranda Appelbaum for a Career in the Arts

Miranda Appelbaum ’04 is the Assistant Director of Accessibility and Guest Services at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York. Her job focuses on programming, accommodations, staffing, and supporting new talent in the disability field. We talked to Appelbaum, who earned degrees in English and anthropology from UVM before studying museum studies […]

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Alumni Advice: Thomas Stirling on What It Takes to Start a Business as a Millennial

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Knowing when to start a business is always a challenge, so we sat down with Thomas Stirling ’10 to learn about his background and get some valuable insight into how he was able to start a thriving web design and marketing agency while he was still at UVM. Growing up, Stirling […]

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Alumni Advice: Betsy Bartosiak on Twitter and Taking Your Social Media Presence Seriously

Photo by Marisa Allegra Williams By Sarah Tuff Dunn As a senior account executive for Twitter, Betsy Bartosiak ’08 chooses her words carefully. “Brevity is the soul of wit,” she says, citing William Shakespeare in her No. 1 tip. It was the four count, however, rather than the 140-word-count that steered Bartosiak toward her current […]

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Alumni Advice: Dana Gulley on Landing on Her Feet in the Sustainability Movement

By Sarah Tuff Dunn When you grow up in Garrison, New York, as Dana Gulley did, chances are you’re going to be a bit green. After all, John Adams, the founder of the National Resources Defense Council, lived for more than three decades in Garrison, a hamlet 50 miles north of New York City where […]

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Alumni Advice: Nydia Guity on the Enriching Experience of Listening and the Paybacks of Social Work

Photo courtesy of Montefiore Medical Center. By Sarah Tuff Dunn Though she was born and raised in the Bronx, Nydia Guity’s early education was more of a small-town experience. “I went to P.S. 75x from kindergarten to eighth grade, and then Jane Addams Vocational High School—both were within a five-mile radius of where I lived.” […]

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Alumni Advice: Josh Brown on Tuning In to Your Talents

Photos by Shem Roose By Sarah Tuff Dunn If you’ve ever seen the funky flowers for Om Records, the flying Burton penguin, or the groovy graphics for Nordica Skis and Anon goggles, then you’ve seen the work of Capacitor Design Network, whose president and cofounder is Josh Brown ’92. His Vermont-based business cranks up edgy […]

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Alumni Advice: Larry Martin on Making a Slam Dunk in the Sports Industry

By Sarah Tuff Dunn “At UVM, I really had no idea what I wanted to pursue for a career,” admits Larry Martin ’93, the senior vice president of sales at ScoreBig, a ticket seller that allows consumers to name their price for sports, concerts, and shows. “Four great years flew by, and I was suddenly […]

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Alumni Advice: Cary Frye on Sharing Your Story, and Milking a Love of Animals for an International Career in Dairy

By Sarah Tuff Dunn When Cary Frye turned sweet 16, she got her own horse—but it was hardly a gift horse she looked in the mouth. To earn the “beautiful but unsuccessful thoroughbred” named Montego Bay, the teenager had worked hard mucking out stalls at a stable near her Concord, Massachusetts, home. “From a young […]

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Alumni Advice: Christopher Salatto Finds Method for Success

The average American worker keeps a job for about four to five years before moving on to something else. Not Christopher Salatto. The UVM alumnus, who graduated in 1997 with a degree in biology, has worked for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer for 17 years. “You could say the length of my tenure at Pfizer is an […]

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Alumni Advice: John Ohrn on Building a Strong and Lasting Sales Career

Photo: Corey Leopold/Flickr Waltzing into a job interview unprepared or with a sense of entitlement is a major red flag for sales executive John Ohrn. “Either one is a deal killer,” says Ohrn, a UVM alumnus who is the managing director of sales at Medidata, a global healthcare technology company. “Attitude is key.” We talked […]

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