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Elliot Kennedy on Breaking Down the Barriers in LGBT Healthcare

Photo: Elliot Kennedy, left, with Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell Elliot Kennedy JD, realized as an undergraduate that advocating for the LGBT community provided a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The 2009 alum—who helped guide and implement the availability of preferred names in the student information system at UVM—is now the Senior […]

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Alumni Advice: How Scott Switzer Found His Niche in the Tech Start-Up Scene

Scott Switzer ’92, co-founder and chief technology officer of Authenticated Digital, has made a name for himself in the competitive world of start-ups. We talked to the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Science alumnus about working in business and technology, starting companies from scratch, and finding success. You have been involved as an advisor, […]

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Alumni Advice: Danielle Fleury Finds Farm to School Success in the Northeast

Burlington’s progressive values are what first attracted Danielle Fleury to UVM. It wasn’t long after she arrived on campus that she became personally interested in local food systems. While taking an environmental studies course at UVM, she first learned about food as an environmental issue. Later on, while studying abroad in France her junior year, […]

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Alumni Advice: Eva Antczak Creates Inspiration at the Google Food Lab

Eva Antczak ’07 is program manager of the Google Food Lab, a platform for people in food policy, farming, corporate food service, healthcare, technology, corporate food companies, and academia to use their knowledge to solve pressing food system issues. We talked to Eva about her senior thesis on Vermont cheesemakers, managing the Google Food Lab, […]

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Alumni Advice: Calley Hastings Finds the Sweet Spot in the Specialty Food World

A decade ago, Fat Toad Farm started out as a simple experiment in homesteading. Calley Hastings ‘07 and her family hand-milked a French alpine doe named Jupiter in their Brookfield garage to make goat’s milk caramel sauce for friends and to sell at the local farmers’ market. Back then, the family never dreamed they would […]

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Alumni Advice: Michael Banyas on the Rewards of a Career in Public Health

Michael Banyas ’03 is currently a lieutenant commander (LCDR) in the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS), one of the nation’s seven uniformed services, and a public health analyst in the Bureau of Primary Health Care within the Health Resources and Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. We recently spoke to the Washington, […]

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Alumni Advice: Brendan MacKenzie on Creating Strategies for Success

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Brendan MacKenzie ’04 was raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, by a firefighter father and a nurse mother, not realizing how meaningful those role models would be for a financially oriented future. “I came from a blue-collar family, so I didn’t have a whole lot of exposure to the business world while […]

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Alumni Advice: Russell Hirschorn on Technology, Meatpacking & Managing Careers

By Sarah Tuff Dunn Russell Hirschorn has plenty of talking points on his résumé—meat-packer at B. Rosen, webmaster at, and systems analyst at Hess Corporation—before his current seven-year stint at Polaris Management, which provides management and technology consulting services to life sciences companies. But there’s one that really stuck with recruiters since he graduated […]

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Alumni Advice: Jessie Kalsmith Reflects on Her Global Career in Food & Agriculture

Photo: Nicolas Raymond/Flickr By Sarah Tuff Dunn Long before “farm to table” became the fashionable term du jour for dining, Jessie Kalsmith was practicing the ethos near the French-Canadian border of Quebec in Montgomery, Vermont. That’s where working alongside her family at the Black Lantern Inn gave Kalsmith a guiding light on sourcing local food […]

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Alumni Advice: Gibbs Rehlen on the Advantages of Working and Living Abroad

By Sarah Tuff Dunn In a way, bambini are Gibbs Rehlen’s specialty: After a tutoring stint in South Sudan, the 2001 UVM graduate in comparative religion and sociology spent one year working at Fondazione Bambini in Emergenza, an Italian foundation for HIV-affected children. Later came communications and marketing work in Rome and Italy and several […]

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