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brewery partnerships
Partnership Brewing: Pushing Small Breweries to Their Potential

By Ava Schwemler Small breweries are starting to join forces with state-of-the-art incubation breweries to expand their production and distribution operations without the expense of creating their... Continue Reading

Joan "Rosi" Rosebush
UVM Is: Joan “Rosi” Rosebush Guiding Students to Succeed

Joan “Rosi” Rosebush has a knack for helping students work through complex math problems and even the complexities of life. Whether it’s assisting a student who is... Continue Reading

employee owned breweries
Harpoon Brewery CFO Warren Dibble ’89 Shares the Power of Employee Engagement

Alumnus Warren Dibble ’89 worked his way up through the ranks at Harpoon Brewery after graduating from UVM with a degree in political science. He started as... Continue Reading

uvm doula program
Why Shawn Logan Wants to Be an End-of-Life Doula

A family story sparked Shawn Logan’s interest in end-of-life care. The story was so moving that Shawn, who is pursuing a career as a mental health clinician,... Continue Reading

uvm olympic skier
UVM Public Health Student Competes in 2018 Winter Games

Like most graduate students, Ida Sargent finds pursuing a master’s degree to be a juggling act. But Ida is not your typical student. She’s a member of... Continue Reading