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End Hazing on Campus
Empowering Students to End Hazing on Campus

By Kate Whitney Hazing, or the use of any action or situation intentionally created to humiliate, ridicule, harass, or risks emotional or physical harm (with or without... Continue Reading

UVM travel study Cuba
In Cuba, Only Tourists Drink Mojitos

By Sarah L. Tichonuk  He squatted, waiting tensely but patiently, and then seeing the right moment, he snuck the 9-inch blade under the armpit and into the... Continue Reading

Trauma and Fairness in Sexual Assault Cases
Legal Issues: Understanding Trauma and Fairness in Sexual Assault Cases

A fight or flight response. An inability to call out or fight back. Feelings of disassociation. Non-linear memories. These are all reactions a person might experience during a traumatic... Continue Reading

UVM leadership and management
Lifelong Learning is the Key to Florence Smith’s Success

For Florence Smith, life is all about positivity and perseverance. The Chelsea native, who was the first person in her family to graduate from high school, is... Continue Reading

Holly Pedrini
UVM Is: Supporting Students Is Holly Pedrini’s Greatest Joy on the Job

Working with students is the most rewarding part of Holly Pedrini’s job. Sharing the importance of a strong work ethic and positive attitude gives her a strong... Continue Reading