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College Prep: Encourage Your Student to Earn College Credits in High School

College prep can start well before your high schooler starts filling out their college applications. This is especially true for students who would like to experience college... Continue Reading

health care management classes
Health Care Management Classes Help Hospital Employee Refine Her Skills

-Health Care and Leadership Management Certificate student Kathleen Merrick Kathleen Merrick approaches patient care from a holistic point of view. As an ophthalmology patient service specialist at... Continue Reading

end of life doula training program
An End-of-Life Doula Guides Loved Ones through Death and Grief

-UVM’s End of Life Doula Certificate Program teaches caregivers how to support the dying as well as families and friends. When Kelly Coffey’s childhood friend lay dying... Continue Reading

pre-college programs at UVM benefit high school students
5 Benefits Summer College Provides for High School Students

Kristen Kilbashian an enrollment coach for UVM’s Pre-College programs talks about what high school students can gain by taking college courses in a summer college program.   Q: Can... Continue Reading

UVM online degree completion
From CCV to UVM, One Student’s Journey to a Degree in Anthropology

By Kate Whitney Richard Witting, 43, is a UVM graduate with a degree in Anthropology and owner/event planner/head chef of Firefly Catering, serving the Burlington area. He’s... Continue Reading