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death doula
How Facing Our Fear of Death Fosters a Sense of Empowerment

By Kate Whitney If your career involved conversations about life support options, meditations on death, and funeral plans for the dying, one might be surprised to learn... Continue Reading

how to market yourself
Learning How to Market Yourself to Prospective Employers

By Kate Whitney If the prospect of searching for a job, interviewing, and negotiating a salary makes you break out in a cold sweat, you’re not alone.... Continue Reading

end-of-life doula training
Demand Grows for End-of-Life Doula Training at UVM

By Kymelya Sari Seven Days Roberta MacDonald guffawed when she remembered a riddle her friend once asked her: What’s the No. 1 cause of death? No, it’s... Continue Reading

Bias and Hate on Campus
Combatting Bias and Hate on Campus: An Interview with Dr. Denzil J. Suite

By Kate Whitney Every year, the University of Vermont gathers experts in higher education law, student affairs, and campus public safety to address the diverse challenges impacting all... Continue Reading

brewery crowdfunding
Exploring Crowdfunding as a Finance Model for Breweries

By Niels Burlund Opening a new brewery is not exactly cheap. With nine out of 10 breweries operating at annual outputs of 2,500 barrels or less, those... Continue Reading