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going back to school adult learner
Tips to Decide If You Should Go Back to School

Thinking about going back to school as an adult? You’re not alone. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 37 percent of the 19.9 million undergraduate... Continue Reading

Medical Cannabis Online Program
A Psychologist Turns to UVM’s Medical Cannabis Online Program for Guidance

When Vicki Anderson, PsyD, LP, noticed that more of her clients were inquiring about medical cannabis, she didn’t have all the answers. The licensed clinical psychologist, whose... Continue Reading

UVM Post-Baccalaureate Premedical student Anna Chamby
UVM’s Post-Bacc Premed Program Helped Anna Chamby Prepare for Med School

The possibility of a career in medicine first crossed Anna Chamby’s mind back in middle school. In sixth grade, she became interested in human biology. As she... Continue Reading

UVM Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference
Restorative Justice and Title IX: An Interview with Legal Issues in Higher Education Speaker Megan Farrell

By Kate Whitney UVM’s 29th Annual Legal Issues in Higher Education Conference focuses on the diverse legal issues impacting all aspects of higher education and tackles a... Continue Reading

5 Tips to Improve Your Leadership Skills

By Meredith King When it comes to leadership development, Merryn Rutledge, a former instructor in UVM’s Leadership and Management Certificate Program, has seen her share of leaders... Continue Reading