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trademark craft beer
What is a Trademark and Why Trademarks Matter in the Competitive Craft Beer Industry

By Matt McLaughlin A name. It all starts with a name. A series of words, individually with little meaning, but collectively, the embodiment of creativity, passion and... Continue Reading

leadership management training at UVM’s
5 Steps to Utilize Your Leadership and Management Training

Most people don’t become good leaders overnight. They are active learners; testing and revising their approaches and seeking opportunities to hone in on their leadership and management... Continue Reading

Becoming and End of Life Doula
An End of Life Doula Wants to Change the Conversation Around Death and Dying

Margaret Phenix knows first-hand that the way we handle death is all wrong. People don’t talk about death and dying, she says, and there’s often pressure for... Continue Reading

public health program
Ian McHale Works Toward a Career in Public Health and Pediatrics

Ian McHale is happiest when he’s working face-to-face with pediatric patients. The UVM alumnus earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 2017 and completed the UVM Accelerated... Continue Reading

back to school adult
How Adults Can Prepare to Go Back to School

By Kate Whitney Going back to school this fall as an adult learner? If only preparation was as easy as guiding mom toward the least embarrassing pair... Continue Reading